Friday, 30 May 2014

It's that time of year again ...

Planning has begun and this year I am hoping to hold 2 events. 

The first event will be an evening event, strictly over eighteen year olds! 
You can find all the relevant information below on our amazing poster! 

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Thursday, 5 December 2013

What a success!

I just want to start this blog post off by thanking every single one of you for your donations, advice, help and support during the journey and on the special day! 
All together we raised a huge £730 which was split equally between the three amazing charities. 

I figured I'd upload some photographs of the day for you to browse through and a few memories from the day. 

The day time event was brilliant, started off slowly but was great. I had a few people let me down and a few glitches but it run relatively smoothly. We had a number of stalls selling a variety of items. We had a stall representing New Road Community Centre which was one of the charities we support, the fantastic volenteers helped out all day/night also. The amazing Ray Featherson opened my event, so a big hands up to him for taking time out of he's busy schedule to attend and for he's lovely speech. I also want to thank The Noise on Sheppey for attending, holding a stall for me and selling raffle tickets and helping set up and pack away. The event wouldn't have been as smooth if it wasn't for you guys! 

The evening event was where the money was made, we had another raffle and an auction filled with fantastic prizes donated from stars and famous people, alongside local businesses donating prizes. 
We had local people singing and performing, including myself and a guest appearance from #TeamFlames 

Then we had a huge firework display held by The Old House at Home - Sheerness. 

Overall it was an amazing experience, I am so proud to say I pulled this event off but it wouldn't have been half the success if it wasn't for all the help you guys showed! so THANK YOU

I have already been thinking up plans for next year, so watch this space! 

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Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Hey Guys! 

So I thought it was time for a little update! 
I've been rushing around like a headless chicken lately. I've been trying to get my event noticed so the posters, flyers and tickets that Robyn kindly made for my event have been plastered around my local town! I'm yet to travel further a field but that shall be done very soon. 

I've also been around asking (begging) for donations off of local businesses, I'm actually shocked at the amount of people who aren't willing to support me and the charities but never the less I continued and have returned with some amazing gifts for the raffle and auction. 

The following photographs will display some of the donations I've received. 

There's still time to donate if you'd like to so please contact me! 

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